Kitschy and Pinterest-worthy memorabilia for the Washington football team will soon be just a little harder to find. Etsy—the online marketplace known for its handmade and sometimes ridiculously crafty goods—-announced today it would ban all merchandise that contains the Washington football team’s name or logo.

The new policy goes into effect today, and Etsy says it is currently contacting the relevant sellers. (It’s worth noting that unless their makers licensed the logo from the team, these items could violate the Pigskins’ trademark, which is currently subject to litigation.)  For now, though, the items are still up. So who should really be celebrating this decision? The would-be recipients of the following gifts.

This sexy black shirt:

This wedding-cake topper:

Uh, this “still elegant” wedding-cake topper:

These not-so-innocent wedding garters:

Sexy Can I?

This happy child:

And these $130 bedazzled Toms:

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