Shhh: There’s another not-so-secret secret supper club coming to D.C.: Richmond’s Undergound Kitchen is coming to D.C. at an undisclosed time and location. But fear not, the secret supper club has a snazzy website. -3

Fighting the Good Fight: The D.C. Council wrote a letter to Sen. Tom Carper asking that the Senate hold a vote on the D.C. statehood bill before the midterm election. Wishful thinking, but hey, can’t hurt to ask. +1

BikeMetro: After reports of a shortage, Metro says it will add 20 more bike racks to the Silver Line Metro stations in Tysons Corner. There will now be about 110 back spots. +2

Birthday Shots!: Lyman’s Tavern—-the newish Columbia Heights(-ish) bar—-is offering free $5 or less drinks on your birthday all night long. Sucks for those of you who were born on Sept. 9! +2

Friday’s Needle rating: 22 Today’s score: +2 Today’s Needle rating: 24