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Too Soon: An Arlington yoga studio offered a 20 percent discount for 9/11 because, of course, 9 plus 11 is 20. Needless to say, that didn’t go over well, causing an uproar on Twitter. The studio apologized, but not without adding that the media blew this whole thing way out of proportion, just like it did with Ray Rice-5

Also Too Soon: A D.C. Public School teacher assigned her students to compare President George W. Bush with Adolf Hitler, Venn-diagram-style. -7

And Another One: Terry Crew, a former Washington football team player and, more importantly, the Old Spice guy, says he thinks the team name should be changed. +4

Shots Fired:  The plaintiffs are calling D.C.’s request to have a judge reconsider his ruling overturning D.C. ban on carrying handguns in public “frivolous.” 3

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