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Just What McDonnell Wants to Hear: A juror who was inexplicably excused halfway through former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell‘s corruption trial says he would have pushed to not convict the governor and wife. The juror heard most of the prosecution’s case, but none of the defense’s. He still won’t reveal why he was dismissed.  +/-0

Cat Call: There have been multiple sightings of a cougar—-an actual four-legged cougar—-in Alexandria today. +1

The Tall Goodbye: This isn’t D.C. news per se, but the sadness hits us all: The world’s tallest dog, a 7-foot-tall Great Dane from Michigan, passed away. The photos of him remain extraordinary. -2

The Bike Capital: More than six in 10 D.C. households have cars. But nearly nine in 10 new D.C. households don’t have cars. +3

Yesterday’s Needle rating: 13 Today’s score: +2 Friday Bonus: +2 Today’s Needle rating: 17