The Georgetown undergrad who transformed his dorm room into a laboratory to make ricin pleaded guilty today in U.S. District Court to one count of possessing an unregistered supply of the lethal toxin, a federal offense.

As part of the plea agreement, which the court still needs to approve, 19-year-old Daniel Milzman of Bethesda faces between one to two years of prison time and financial penalties. After he completes his sentence, he will be placed on three years of supervised release. His sentencing is scheduled for Nov. 10.

“Daniel Milzman put himself and others in danger by cooking up a deadly poison in his Georgetown dorm room,” U.S. Attorney Ron Machen said in a statement. “Today Mr. Milzman owned up to his reckless behavior and acknowledged his crime before a federal judge.  He is very lucky that none of his fellow students were hurt when he decided to manufacture this lethal substance.”

Milzman was arrested last March after his dormitory building was evacuated and officials found the ricin in his room. No one was hurt in the incident and prosecutors argued that Milzman was depressed and had no intention to use the lethal toxins on anyone other than himself.

According to the PostMilzman got the idea to make the ricin from Breaking Bad.

Photo by ehpien via Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0