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Imagine: Ever wonder what would happen if you ran into New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd at a 9:30 Club concert? Willie Nelson found out+3

Yep, Still Racist: The New York Times has a test to determine if a team mascot is offensive. And yep, the Washington football team meets all the offensiveness criteria. -2

The Silver Line Effect: Reston is the 10th best place to live, according to Money magazine, which ranked “places to live with more than 50,000 residents and fewer than 300,000, that are within an hour of an airport, where median family income falls between 80 and 210 percent of the state average, and median home price is below $1 million.”  Oh, Reston, seems so idyllic-2

None of Your Beeswax: A pro-gun group in California is encouraging people to contact the D.C. Council and say they are against legislation being introduced tomorrow that would restrict who could carry a gun in public. -4

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