Out-Of-Here: Turns out that when you get a frozen In-N-Out burger delivered to D.C., it’s soggy, chewy, and it all-around looks and sounds pretty gross. OrderAhead, a food deliver app, delivered a few hundred burgers to D.C. today, which, of course, sold out in 30-minutes. -3

Girls Rule: Prince George’s County’s Bladensburg High School’s newest JV defensive end is Olivia Jeter, a young woman who has different colored lipsticks already picked out for each game. “I’m going to knock guys out and wear lipstick doing it,” she says. +5

L’Shana Tovah: Happy New Year, D.C. Here’s where to grab some Jewish food tonight. +7

Panda Down: It’s raining, Bao Bao is bigger and still falling off trees. And it’s still pretty darn cute+2

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