The Daily Show with Jon Stewart aired its long awaited segment highlighting the absurdity of Dan Snyder and some loyal fans still defending the team’s racist name. The segment made news before it even aired after fans defending the team name in the segment said that they were unexpectedly put in a confrontation with Native Americans.

The Post reported that one fan was so “distraught that she left in tears and called police two days later alleging she’d been forced into a threatening environment.” The segment was originally expected to air last week.

Before it aired last night, Jon Stewart addressed the controversy surrounding the clip and said he took the complaints seriously.

“We generally don’t want people who participate in the show to have a bad experience,” Stewart said. “We work very hard to find real people who have real beliefs and want to express those beliefs on television, and we work hard to make sure that the gist of those beliefs are represented accurately, albeit sometimes comedically on our program.”

Ultimately, though, the segment was cut and only a brief part of the conversation between the Native Americans and fans was aired—-not the part that was said to have gotten heated.