And Another Screw Up: The Secret Service messes up and once again does a PR job. The man who jumped the White House fence and ran through an unlocked door into the building actually made it much farther than previously disclosed. He overpowered a Secret Service officer and ran through a good chunk of the main floor. Let’s hope this flub doesn’t mess things up for D.C. residents and tourists walking along Pennsylvania Avenue trying to see the White House. -5

Behind the Scenes: A Native American who participated in the shooting of The Daily Show‘s Washington football team name segment tells his side of the story. He says he was ambushed and harassed by fans at the Washington football game. He said he had “never been so blatantly threatened, mocked, or jeered,” though given the show, he knew what he was getting himself into. -3

Two Bosses: Somehow Paul Pierce ended up on a private jet with Al Pacino. As a Wizards blogger notes, it’s weird enough to write about Paul Pierce in a Wizards story. It’s really weird to write about Pierce, Pacino, and the Wizards in the same story. +3

Greedy Nats: The Nats once again proved they are too cheap to cover after-hours Metro costs should playoff games run late and people, gasp, need to take public transit home. American University will foot the bill this year. -4

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