Jefferson’s Droppings:  A 5-foot long, 3-foot-wide chunk of limestone fell from the Jefferson Memorial in April, and it seems no one really noticed. -3

Leaky Roof: This man was caught peeing into someone’s basement apartment entryway on R Street NW. -2

More of a Full House: Enrollment at D.C.’s public and charter schools increased this year, with 38,103 students enrolled in public charter schools and 47,651 in D.C. Public Schools, according to a count from the Office of the State Superintendent for Education. That’s an almost 3 percent increase for the traditional public schools and a slightly more than a 3 percent bump for the charter schools. +4

Event of the Century? If you are a regular reader of the Needle, you won’t want to miss WCP‘s at-large council debate at 8:30 p.m. at the Black Cat. And yes, there will be a full-service bar. +5

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