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A judge’s order to overturn the District’s total ban on carrying guns place will stay in place for now.

U.S. District Senior Judge Frederick Sullin Jr. denied today the District’s request for the court to reconsider his July ruling declaring the city’s concealed carry ban unconstitutional, the Legal Times reported.

A District lawyer argued, in part, that the second amendment just guarantees the right to own a gun, not to carry that gun in public. Ultimately, according to the Legal Times, the judge called the District’s arguments “somewhat disingenuous” and questioned whether the lawyers had thoroughly read through his decision.

The city recently passed emergency legislation that, in light of Sullin’s original ruling, defines who can obtain a permit to carry a gun in public. City officials says that this legislation meets Sullin’s findings and will protect residents. But the party that originally questioned the constitutionality of the District’s concealed carry ban says the legislation goes too far and filed suit saying it violates the second amendment. The city is expected to respond to that next week and court hearings will occur next month.

The city has still not decided whether it will formally appeal the judge’s decision, according to the Legal Times. 

In the meantime, the city will start accepting applications for gun holders to obtain permits to carry their weapons in public next week. There are, however, still strict limitations as to where someone can and can’t carry a registered gun. Here’s a reminder of where guns will and won’t be allowed.

Photo by duucfho via Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0