Closing Time: CityZen, the restaurant in the Mandarin Oriental hotel, will close its doors Dec. 6. It was once considered one of the best restaurants in the city, and its shuttering is a loss for the dining scene. The good news is that its chef is opening his own restaurant in Mount Vernon Triangle. -3

Milk and Cookies: Catholic University originally postponed a campus screening of the film Milk because the student-planned event may have been one of advocacy instead of education. The university has now approved the program, which has been rescheduled. +4

Weekend Joys: This week may have been lousy, but expect beautiful sunshine with, at times, chilly fall temperatures this weekend. +1

We’ll Take Average: Winter, obviously, won’t be as perfect as fall. The National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration, however, says the country won’t have as blistering and vortexy of a winter as it did last year. Instead, we can expect a fairly average cold season. -2

Yesterday’s Needle rating: 46  Today’s score: -0 Friday Bonus: +2 Today’s Needle rating: 48