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What you said about what we said last week

From the administration of Grover Cleveland to the modern-day Logan Circle of high-end restaurants and strollers, the house at 1204 Q St. NW has seen a lot—much of it covered in last week’s cover story by Amanda Ottaway, herself a former resident of the home (“This Old House,” Oct. 17). Some readers, however, pointed out some omissions of recent history. “I was one of the renters who put up that dividing wall on the third floor in 2010,” commenter Tomahawk P. wrote. “The writer makes this place sound like a filthy, unkempt apartment, but it wasn’t always so. The sox roommates from 2010 to 2012 kept it in pretty good shape for the most part (largely thanks to the efforts of Teddy Magic, a particularly fastidious roommate who occupied the master bedroom and decorated it impeccably).”

Things that happened at 1204 Q, at least according to Tomahawk: “some massive parties which consistently attracted underage employees of the Georgetown American Apparel”; performances by “legendary” local bands like Bike Trip and the Party Dream; and, at least if you believe a rumor, the use of one room as the residence of a chimpanzee.

According to another commenter, the home’s occupants once kept chickens in a kind of cupola on the roof. “We heard the rooster crowing every morning,” wrote Sherri, who lived in the neighborhood from 1999 to 2003. “Used to sometimes scare the heck out of our house guests who didn’t expect that in the middle of the city.”


A two-hour time-limit for pricey cocktails? For last week’s Young & Hungry column, Jessica Sidman reported on the handful of mixology haunts that charge top dollar for their concoctions and then boot patrons at the end of their “seating.” “This is especially funny because I would never consider going to one of these places anyway, with or without a time limit,” wrote thatbone. “I’m sure in a few months when all the wannabes are flocking to the newer trendy spots featuring the latest innovations in artisanal ice these places will be begging people to stay as long as they want so their ‘mixologists’ can keep slinging $30 cocktails.” Too much? Youre Wrong pushed back: “Columbia Room has been operating under these policies for years. Just because you can’t afford it doesn’t mean others won’t.”

Besides, you can’t knock bars for being concerned with the bottom line, right? “This is an excellent practice in order for an establishment to make a profit not only for itself but the servers, bussers, food runners, bartenders, bar backs, etc. Nothing to do with pretension, just common sense,” wrote Reality. “To the naysayers, get off your butt and try working in the hospitality industry. After the third night of ‘campers’ you will be singing a different tune…”

Department of Corrections

Due to a reporting error, Jeffrey Cudlin’s review of “Richard Estes’ Realism” listed the Portland Museum of Art and Patterson Sims as the sole organizers of the show. In fact, the Smithsonian American Art Museum was a co-organizer.