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Election Day has finally arrived. It’s been seven months since the April 1 primary, so if you forgot where to vote, that’s understandable. Type in your address above for a reminder.

If you’re a registered voter, you don’t need to bring your ID to vote. But D.C. has same-day registration, so if you aren’t registered yet, you can still vote if you bring one of the following forms of identification that shows your address and name:

  • Copy of a current and valid photo identification
  • Copy of a current utility bill (not including cell phone bills)
  • Bank statement
  • Government check
  • Paycheck
  • Another government document that shows your name and address

If you’re already registered and today is your first time voting in the District, the D.C. Board of Elections says you may need to show identification if you registered by mail and did not show identification at the time.

Make sure to read our Politics Issue before you head to the polls to see what’s on the ballot, read about the issues, and see our editors’ endorsements.