A generic pair of skis.

An alleged drunk man was seen perusing Mount Pleasant yards for sporting equipment on Sunday and took off with a now-recovered pair of skis. The skis have not yet been reunited with their owner.

Longtime resident Rob Fleming notified the Mount Pleasant neighborhood email list that he caught a “very drunk man” trying to take an old bike out of his yard in the alleyway between Hobart and Irving streets NW Sunday afternoon.

The drunk man reportedly said the bike was his and he left it in the yard two years ago, which, well, Fleming says wasn’t true. Fleming then noticed that a nicer bike was missing from his yard, but then found it—-wheels still locked—-in the parking alley next door. Another neighbor was also trying to get the drunk man to move on and noticed that someone had gone through her shed.

Fleming writes that the drunk man then noticed a pair of skis leaning against a garage and said they were his.

“He didn’t look like the Vail type, but without any evidence, I couldn’t take the skis as I had the bikes. I saw him out the alley and later followed him. He ended up leaving the skis in the tree box at the 7-Eleven. I brought them home,” writes Fleming.

If you think the ski’s belong to you, leave a message in the comments and we’ll connect you with Fleming.

Fleming has lived in the Mount Pleasant neighborhood for 38 years and says that, while he has seen these types of encounters decrease in recent years, they are not unusual in the neighborhood. In fact, Fleming wrote in an email to City Desk, its these sorts of incidents that prompted him and a group of residents in 1994 to start Neighbors’ Consejo—-a non-profit working to get people with addiction problems in Adams Morgan, Columbia Heights, and Mount Pleasant off the streets.

Photo by neonow via Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0