Credit: Illustration by Elizabeth Graeber

Things may be a little more peaceful in the D.C. helicopter-parenting world today. The DC Urban Moms and Dads website is, gasp, experiencing an outage.

The site’s founder, Jeff Steele, wrote in a message to readers earlier today that the site had some unexpected problems and it should be back up by noon today. But, a few updates and a couple hours past noon later, Steele wrote things weren’t going as planned.

“This is as close to a disaster as we are ever likely to get,” he wrote. “The restored data was partially corrupt. I tried to restore from a backup made just before installing the new data nodes. That backup failed. So, I am restoring from an older backup. This is going to take several hours. I don’t have a ETA now on when the forums will return, but I suggest you give up on them until this evening.”

Steele tells City Desk that it’s unclear when things will be back up and running—-and that uncertainty could spell distress for the parents that rely on the forum to ponder the socioeconomic status of their tot’s stroller brand and the salaries of their fellow parents on the playground.

“What I think doesn’t matter at this point because I’ve been wrong about everything,” Steele says, when asked when he thinks the site will be back up.

The site was intermittently going out last night, and Steele says it’s been completely down since about 6:30 this morning. It’s hard to say if parents are complaining, because they usually take to the forum to air their grievances. Without it, perhaps everyone’s griping somewhere else?

Steele says the site went down for an hour so last week, which resulted in parent complaints. At least one person today noted the outage and the potential effects it could have on D.C. parents.

Godspeed, D.C. parents, Godspeed.

Update, 6:40 p.m.: It’s back now.

Illustration by Elizabath Graeber