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What you said about what we said last week

In a special issue that featured commentary on politics, policy, gentrification, and the arts, one topic generated the most controversy: dinner reservations.

Yes, the refusal of Rose’s Luxury chef Aaron Silverman to take reservations at the magma-hot restaurant is still, a full year after opening, vexing readers and even one of Silverman’s fellow People Issue subjects, Bread Furst’s Mark Furstenberg. In his Q&A with Jessica Sidman, Furstenberg smacked Silverman and Johnny Monis, chef at Komi and Little Serow, for not taking reservations. “Why would they then make it hard for people to go to their restaurants?” he asked. “I don’t really know either of them personally, but I find it unpleasant, and I think it’s kind of a Washington thing…That’s not really what somebody would do in San Francisco where people don’t take themselves quite so seriously.” The Red Hen drew Furstenberg’s praise for being “accessible” and a “pleasant place to be.”

The bread-making curmudgeon drew support and derision on Twitter. “I refuse to stand in line!” @katanders declared. “Take reservations!!!” But @AndyLeDC questioned the bread man’s facts and his notion of fairness: “Furstenberg is wrong. Lots of SF restaurants don’t take reservation and IMO, queuing is more democratic.”

@drgitlin also took aim at Furstenberg, writing, “Ironically, it’s way easier to get a table at Komi than it is at Red Hen. Not sure I understand his complaint.”

Elsewhere in the People Issue, Mayor-Elect Muriel Bowser avoided controversy in her interview but drew some scrutiny for striking a pose that appeared to some to invoke Tyra Banks’ signature facial expression. Tweeted @DeniseDSLu: “#that #bowser #smize #tho.”

Perhaps the strongest reaction to the People Issue came from cover photo subject Nikki Peele, who was, to say the least, pleased to make the cover. “OMG! This is not flipping happening right now! OMG OMG!” read the first of many, many ecstatic tweets. Later: “I have got to stop crying and pull myself together.” “My mom is kind of losing her mind right now. Her use of emoticons means this is a big deal.” “I just got 30 copies! I cleaned out the Congress Heights metro stop! Lol.” “Thanks to Aaron Wiener and WCP for making my ex-boyfriends green with envy today! lol.”

And lastly, a bit of unexpected recognition: “Too funny, the guys who are delivering my new fridge just recognized me from my WCP cover!”

Doc and Roll

Punks and punk-appreciators did not mince words in answering the question posed in Maxwell Tani’s piece on two dueling D.C. punk-rock documentaries—does D.C. really need two more punk retrospectives? @PTRQ responded thusly on Twitter: “Stop this shit.”

Department of Corrections

Due to a reporting error, Andrew Lapin’s review of The Two Noble Kinsmen mistakenly referred to the character of Pirithous as played by Zach Roberts. Lapin meant to refer to Willem Krumich as Palamon.