There is now an answer to those late nights when you’re stumbling around Adams Morgan, hankering for a spot to exchange your Bitcoins into hard cash.

The Diner, a 24-hour restaurant on 18th Street NW, is officially home to the city’s only Bitcoin ATM. (Or should that be first?)

Using the machine, you can exchange your cash for Bitcoins, or your Bitcoins for cash, explains Tryst Central Inc. spokeswoman Jocelyne DeHaas. (Tryst Central Inc. is a restaurant group that includes Tryst, The Diner, Open City, and The Coupe.)

“I see the Diner as the logical choice to test out this new concept. The Diner is the pulse of D.C. 24/7, a longtime D.C. institution, that serves all walks of life all hours of the day,” says Constantine Stavropoulos, owner of The Diner, in a press release. “The addition of the Bitcoin ATM at the Diner allows us to be the first location in D.C. where the Bitcoin users can connect with this cutting edge technology while experiencing a traditional American experience, a diner.”

But—perhaps not so intuitive for those who go to The Diner to use the machine—the restaurant does not actually accept Bitcoins.

Like a typical ATM, Tryst Central Inc. does not own the actual machine, and obtains it from the same supplier through which it gets the standard ATMs for its other establishments. The restaurant gets a cut of all transaction fees.

The machine has been installed for about a week now, and DeHaas says three or four people have used it. If you want to use your Bitcoins to purchase food from a local venue, head over to Mr. Yogato, Thomas Foolery, or the Peruvian Brothers food truck, all of which do accept Bitcoins. (Because the future is now.)

Photo by antanacoins via Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0