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As D.C. pot activists scramble to try and save Initiative 71 from Congress’ wrath, one D.C. booze delivery service is trying to make the best of the moment.

Ultra—-the online alcohol delivery service that launched in D.C. in May, was issued a cease-and-desist from the D.C. alcohol czars in June, and then relaunched—-wrote in an email to City Desk Wednesday afternoon that, pending legalization, it would also start delivering weed to D.C. residents.

“Ultra will connect D.C. users with authorized marijuana sellers,” Ultra founder Aniket Shah wrote in an email. “Just like how we connect wine stores with users in D.C.”

But, it should be noted, even if marijuana legalization makes it through Congress, the sale of marijuana would still not be legal. Initiative 71 only legalizes the possession and growing of marijuana, not the selling of it. The D.C. Council is currently working on legislation that would regulate the sales of marijuana should it be legalized. If the bill makes it through Congress, it would still take months before selling marijuana becomes legal—-a time frame that existed long before this recent Congressional snag.

Shah told City Desk he is aware of the long road ahead for marijuana sales, but he wants to be ready.

“We will work with any vendor that fully complies with applicable D.C. laws when they are put into effect,” he wrote in an email. “We will request D.C. lawmakers to provide adequate clarity in the legislation by reviewing the laws enacted in California, Colorado, and Washington State.”

So rest assured, laziest of lazy pot smokers: If legalization makes it through Congress alive and subsequent legislation to regulate the sale of marijuana also makes it through Congress, then you might one day be able to get legal pot delivered to your house.

Illustration by Carey Jordan