Credit: Photo by Darrow Montgomery

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The Washington football team’s terrible season is hitting more than just Dan Snyder‘s pockets.

Lou’s City Bar in Columbia Heights says that throughout this no-good season, the number of hometown fans coming to the bar to watch games has dropped by about a third. In recent weeks, when the team’s performance has been—impressively—even worse, John Groth, the director of operations of the bar, says he’s seen even fewer fans.

So, this Saturday, as the Pigskins face off against the Eagles, Lou’s is hosting a “wake” for the team. Black attire is suggested for the proceedings and free “Im-peach Snyder” shots will be given out “for each nail the Eagles put in the coffin.”—-i.e. each time Philadelphia scores a touchdown.

Following the presumed loss, Lou’s says it will black out next week’s “purgatorial Deadskins-Cowboys finale.”

“We can console one another—-which is kind of what the free shots are for,” Groth says of the rather grim event. “People just don’t notice when a [Pigskins] game is even on [at the bar]. There is just a sense of dread of what’s going to happen next.”

Groth, a Bethesda native, says he’s a fan of the team and even has season tickets with a friend. He and the bar are just giving up for the season, and hope they’re not laying the team to rest for good.

Groth’s friend has already backed out on renewing their season tickets, though Groth is still unsure about what he will do.

“I am torn and will have to probably wait and think about that for a bit,” says Groth. “But I am sure the [Pigskins] will ask me to renew on January 1.”

Saturday’s game starts at 4:25 p.m. Here is Lou’s full announcement of the somber proceedings:

Washington Wake
Saturday football is back in the NFL. The Skins will cast a somber tone over the proceedings as they lay in state at FedEx Field vs. the Eagles at 4:30pm. Funeral services will be held at Lou’s City Bar. Black attire is suggested, and “Im-peach Snyder” shots will be given out for each nail the Eagles put in the coffin. Following a loss, Lou’s will black out next week’s purgatorial Deadskins-Cowboys finale.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery