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What you said about what we said last week

Can we just say it again? We love that you loved our Answers Issue! @ebnert has the right idea: “Live like a local and read @wcp’s “The Answers” issue,” while @ErinLauer summed up how we felt about working on the issue: “seriously, one of my favorite weeks of the year. So glad I’m not alone in wondering about many things.” But we want to assuage @Ombresque’s concerns, who tweeted “I know I’m late to the party, but: awesome.” Don’t worry, it was on newsstands all week, so there’s no such thing as late to this party. Washington City Paper is always a seven-day rager.

Regarding the actual questions themselves: nevermindtheend voiced an (apparently) popular opinion about the futility of using 311 to report needed repairs in the District: “It’s all well and good to tell people to use 311 to report pedestrian signals that are turned the wrong way, but the 311 system is handled very poorly.” Ah, so that’s why the public has taken to grouchily tweeting DDOT about busted lights.

But not everyone loved the questions, and that’s ok. “Bruh, white folk really don’t have enough to worry about…” tweeted @HimDownstrz about our investigation into local archery laws and practice ranges. Noted.

A Tale of Two Tonys

And then there’s the “tasty drama” (@spkr4thedead51’s term, not ours) going down between Tony’s Breakfast and Tony’s Place. There’s one vote for one of the Tonys (@gwennie_thepooh tweets “I love Tony’s on Kennedy Street. They are really nice and the food is delicious”), except… that’s a different Tony’s entirely. We know, it’s confusing. Kes voted for Tony’s, but not the new/old Tonys (did you catch that?) “The simple fact is, Tony’s Breakfast is still better. It just is. I’ve tried both just to be fair, and new/old Tony’s Place just isn’t as good, service- or food-wise. Sorry new/old Tony’s, them’s the breaks.” @BryanWeaverDC helpfully let us know “my college girlfriend married one of the guys from Tony! Toni! Toné! – but I can’t remember which one.” Just to clarify: can’t remember which Tony (an on-theme problem) or which college girlfriend (a perhaps rarer, but no less real, problem)?

Finally, some resolutely practical advice from @Neil_Irwin for the Tonys: “Call Famous Ray in NY to arbitrate.” @Neil_Irwin, you’re the King Solomon of carryout disputes.

Are You Gonna Hate That?

There appears to be very little love for frozen yogurt among our readers, but Ms. Yuck already has her sights set on the next trend dessert she wants to beat a retreat: “I can’t wait for all the cupcakeries to go. If you stand in line for cupcakes, you really have a damn problem. Yuck.” Consider yourselves on notice, innumerable cupcake joints of D.C.

Department of Corrections

Thanks to eagle-eyed crossword fan Carolinda Hales for pointing out that the grid we printed last week didn’t match up with the clues. This week’s updated grid can be found on our Facebook page, or contact ehazzard@washingtoncitypaper.com to receive a copy via email.