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What you said about what we said last week

MRAs somehow did not catch wind of Sarah Anne Hugheshistory of women in D.C. politics, leaving the cover story’s comments section and Washington City Paper’s social media feeds (mostly) free of anything but love for the piece.

“Man, this is really good,” tweeted Bloomberg View’s Alex Bruns, while @LizEB13 wrote, “Fascinating look at history of #women in #DC #politics. I have a lot of ladies to look up to in this city #IloveDC.” Washington Times reporter Andrea Noble took note of the historic photos: “Loving the vintage D.C. Council portraits dug up for @wcpsarah’s great story on history of women in local politics.” While most readers focused on the positives of the story, D.C. Abortion Fund volunteer MDRSWRJ tweeted, “Perhaps another reason Congress denies us autonomy #freeDC #LiftTheDCBan.”

While calling it a “great article,” Carolyn Dungee Nicholas lamented that more was not said about Hilda Mason. Nicholas, president of the Hilda and Charles Mason Charitable Foundation, said the councilmember was an “indefatigable champion of the young, the old, the ill, the disabled, the homeless and the inadequately sheltered, the uneducated and the undereducated, the unemployed and the underemployed, the underprivileged and the powerless, the racially, socially, economically, and politically excluded.”

Indeed, Hughes herself said on Twitter, “My only regret about the women in D.C. politics piece is that I couldn’t include more. Just an incredible history.”

Me and My Shadow

D.C.’s most ignominious character, shadow campaign financier Jeff Thompson, was once again the subject of a Loose Lips column, this time because of a $1 million investment he made in a Brookland private school with ties to a former top District health official. (Thompson’s D.C. Chartered Health Plan, Will Sommer reminds us, once held a city Medicaid contract worth hundreds of millions.) “Seriously? Anyone who took from Jeffy T should be thrown out of town, not left in office,” John Nowicki tweeted. “Jeff Thompson needs to be put in jail instead of suing D.C. Government,” Ben Sul said of Thompson’s $80 million lawsuit that alleges D.C. employees worked to wreck his company.

You’re a Bone Machine

The only thing that makes people madder than shady political dealings is bone broth, as Jessica Sidman’s short piece on the trend revealed. Really? commented, “Wait, 8 ounces of stock for four dollars?1?!?! And then you have to pay extra to, you know, make it taste like something. I’m sure it’s very good stock but at that that price, it has to be.” “NO NO NO NO shut this bullshit down – you know it’s ridiculous. It’s just broth. That’s soup minus the food,” @mizujada tweeted. @TheTravelingDan joked, “I’ve heard adding noodles to this broth is all the rage in Japan.” Perhaps soothed by a big bowl of bone broth, @bitasilverman made the case for the liquid meal: “YES! a remedy as old as the moon and sun! remedy for everything. Im gonna stock up—can be frozen for later too!” At least, as City Paper’s Zach Rausnitz pointed out on Twitter, new Art Director Lauren Heneghan’s accompanying illustrations were cool.

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