As of Jan. 18, 1,458 children identified as homeless were enrolled in D.C. public schools. An additional 1,454 homeless children were enrolled at one of the District’s charter schools as of Jan. 21, according to the Office of the State Superintendent.

Below are two heat maps that visualize where those 3,158 children attend school currently, as well as where 3,933 homeless D.C. public and charter students attended school during the 2013-14 year. It should be stressed that these maps do not show where homeless students live, as both charter and DCPS students do not necessarily attend a school within their neighborhood boundary.


Charter schools:

Note: This map does not include the 413 students who attend and 399 students who attended last school year Center City PCS, Cesar Chavez Public PCS, Community Academy PCS, and Friendship PCS, as by-campus numbers were not provided by OSSE.