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This is the text of a memo I sent to Washington City Paper staff this morning.

Hello all—

As you know by now, I’ve accepted a job at the Washington Post as deputy editor of Outlook/PostEverything. I’ll be leaving Washington City Paper on March 20, and starting at the Post on March 30. (When, yes, I’ll have to start putting the T in “The Post” up to conform with their style instead of ours.)

This has been, by far, the most fun job of my career. The staff here is exceptionally talented: I’m proud of what we put online every day and in print every week, and I love working with all of you in every department of the organization. From the way the city’s government functions, or doesn’t, on behalf of citizens, to the ideas animating our cultural institutions, to the back-of-the-house foibles of the city’s drinking and dining world, you give readers a view of life in the District that’s unmatched anywhere else, either for authority on the beats we cover or for fun in the way we write. I’ve been reading City Paper for nearly 25 years, and I’m looking forward to reading it for at least that many more. But I’ve also been here for almost five years, between my time as managing editor and as editor, and ultimately I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try something new, in a section I’ve long been a fan of. (And after all, the Post is the only paper I’ve been reading for even longer than City Paper.)

I’m sure Amy will soon face a deluge of applications for this job—and if you’re interested in it, or know someone who is, you should speak to her or tell them to email her at aaustin@washingtoncitypaper.com, because it remains one of the best gigs in journalism, and not just in D.C. I’m also sure all of you will keep doing the amazing work you’ve been doing once I leave; those weeks I was out on paternity leave in January, when Sarah and Emily put out great-looking papers as if they’d been around for years instead of, uh, hours, leave me quite confident that I won’t be missed that much for very long.

Thanks for telling the District’s stories so well every day—and for everything. I promise to bring the Post‘s growing pack of City Paper alums over for some food truck lunches in Franklin Square once the weather improves a bit.