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What you said about what we said last week

This was the week we basked in the praise and doled it out in turn. There were so many tweets (and Facebook posts and shouts in the street) about our annual Best of D.C. issue that they can’t all be captured here. I was called a hometown hero by my hair lady for my “Best Short Haircut” pick, but was also told that I should really, for God’s sake, fix my hair before allowing myself to be photographed. Noted. I failed to fix my hair before the gigantic Best of D.C. party, but no one gave a single shit because there was so much incredible food, drink, entertainment, and general carousing. How great was that go-go band? Did you try the Angels on Horseback? Did you make it home okay? When can we do it again? A whole year from now?! Fine. Can’t wait!

Bang, Bang

There was plenty of talk about town that the Coupe had won the dubious distinction, among readers, of the “Best Restaurant to Bang in the Bathroom.” Actually we think it’s supposed to be “in which to bang” but, frankly, when you’re in the stage of life where you’re actually pondering which of the bathrooms in which you’ve had sex is the superlative, grammar is not on your radar. Upon reading the nomination, Marc Rubin’s mind went to a dark place. “I guess there’s worse things that could happen in a bathroom,” he wrote to us on our Facebook page. Are you talking about poop, Marc? Or is there something worse that I’m not thinking of? I actually want to know what’s worse. Wait, no I don’t! Kelly Gerald gets it. She also wrote to us on Facebook: “Ew.” I couldn’t agree more, Kelly.

Reddit Rum

Of course some Reddit users took umbrage at Will Sommer’s nomination of their Washington D.C. subreddit as “Best Prince of Petworth Replacement.” After a link to Will’s laudits appeared on the page, a couple of complaints bounced around. MouthFartWankMotion (apt name, sir or madam) pondered Sommer’s subtlety: “Just want to get this straight, WCP is passive aggressively insulting this community in a ‘Best Of’ listicle?” But MouthFartWankMotion later admitted having a laugh at it, and most redditors took it in stride. cyanocobalamin countered, “It isn’t passive aggressive, The City Paper flat out published what they think of /r/washingtondc, they just wrote it with a bit of humor/style. I happen to agree with them. [Editor’s note: Well, well, well.] FWIW, a steady diet of snark is a neon sign telling the world you don’t have the talent to make your life happy. That fits many people here.” And here, by implication? I like to think our staff is talented, but I won’t make any assumptions about personal happiness, though we were all pretty grinny about the unmitigated success of this issue. But MediocreJerk (location listed as “U Street Corridor”) put us in our place. “The CityPaper: Because you aren’t going to use your tablet as an umbrella.” Haha, that’s brilliant, MediocreJerk! Have you heard one of my favorite bon mots about how paper is no longer an advancing technology? NO?! Send me a telegram and I’ll have my farrier flash it back to you in morse code with his lantern. It’s really very clever.

Department of Corrections

In last week’s Best of D.C. issue, the pick “Best Place to Rub Shoulders With the Rich and Powerful” on CityCenterDC mistakenly referred to Daniel Boulud’s restaurant as DGBG. It is named DBGB.