What you said about what we said last week

Washington City Paper’s first animals issue featured stories of a hero dog, baby mallard-eating herons, luxury buildings that cater to pets, and many delightful dog photos by our own Darrow Montgomery. Cazo, D.C.’s only search and rescue dog and the subject of Sarah Anne Hughes‘ “The Rescuer,” received some much deserved praise. @BethLowell tweeted, “This dog makes my Piper look bad, but can’t resist sharing this—a very good dog who is about to retire. Good boy!” City Paper intern Morgan Hines’ “Wild Things,” on the wildlife returning to the Anacostia River as its health improves, was the good news some people needed that day, including @rlswong: “We may ‘fail’ when it comes to Ozone, but at least we are doing something right.”


Jessica Sidman’s piece on D.C.’s first cat cafe and the 24-year-old woman behind it was received with excitement (“Cannot wait for this to open,” @royalmusing tweeted), apathy (Sure, why not? commented, “Sure, why not?”), and rage. Oh, the rage. Archie Bunker wrote, “This is one of those incredibly dumb ideas that is obvious to everyone but the person trying it. This will go the way of the cleveland park cereal store within 18 months. I only give it 18 months because people gave her so much with her kickstarter, she will be able to hang in longer.” Jim_Ed1 commented, “Man, I wish I was privileged enough to have a quarter-life crisis. That sounds sweet,” while @ouij tweeted, “I cannot imagine a place I am LESS likely to visit.” Teresa Rodriguez, however, was willing to offer some very good, not at all offensive advice: “market to single middle aged women and you will be a success and that is what mainly makes up DC, so your chances are good.”

Give Me Your Spa

The luxury rooftops and amenities new D.C. buildings are offering to attract pet owners was the subject of Aaron Wiener’s “Gone to the Dogs.” Or as @jayrano put it, “how you don’t have to interact with the neighborhood you live in by walking your dog outside.” BB focused on the list of 29 breeds Bozzuto bans in the properties it owns: “Glad to see the recognition that there is dog breed discrimination (even for those dogs that are well-behaved and therefore unfairly discriminated against as a breed) in District apartments. We have a very sweet, well-behaved husky, and it is unbelievably hard to find an apartment in the District. Would love to see a longer, more thorough examination of this issue.” There’s always next year’s animals issue.

Department of Corrections

“The Rescuer” originally misstated the year of The Cloakroom’s collapse. It occurred in 2014, not 2013.