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What you said about what we said last week

Blessed are we who are not trolled, not even once, on a cover story about institutionalized inequality in the District. Blessed is our commenting system for allowing us to screen and approve comments before they appear. (This club has a bouncer, though still no dress code.) Blessed are those commenters, like 3000 14th NW, who completely missed the point, for they know not what they do: “Why on earth does a retail pizza employee at Dulles need a security clearance?” Metis gave us props: “best story by WCP in a while. comforting the afflicted and elevating the plight of poor black people in DC who are paying a ‘tax’ just for being black.”

But incommoding arrests aren’t without their fans! Northwesterneer led the charge for more such arrests. “I for one wish the city would perform these arrests across the city and not just in certain neighborhoods.” We secretly hope that the next time Northwesterneer stops to tie a shoelace or have a smoke, a SWAT team is waiting. “If you have time to hang out on the sidewalk then you have time to be in graduate school- so get your butt to graduate school and make something of yourself so you don’t hang out on the sidewalk like you’re low class.” Graduate school or standing in one place, those are your options.

Others chimed in, calling for arrests elsewhere around the city: dynaryder wanted to know “So when can we expect some arrests in G’Town?” crookedbill set sights on Columbia Heights: “Nobody’s getting arrested for ‘incommoding’ around the Columbia Heights Metro Station and adjacent sidewalks (especially in front of or near the 7/11) where dozens of people just stand around smoking and catcalling passersby.” And Takoma! Takoma DC Reader made the case: “MPD does nothing to clear the groups congregating on the small sidewalk area in front of the Electric Maid in Takoma.” And the tourist attractions! “So can we expect to start seeing arrests of the tour groups that block the sidewalks?” asked Susan. You hear that MPD? We citizens didn’t pay for those sidewalks just so they could weather that kind of round-the-clock use.

Finally, we heard from someone who claimed to be an officer in D.C. “I think that law is petty,” opinionated wrote, “and I don’t think people should be arrested for it but I do think incommoding is a real big problem in the ctiy. In certain parts of the city you can walk down the street and see 15 or more males standing around for hours leaving trash, smoking and hanging out all day and every day. True this SHOULD be ok but when you have young teenage girls walking down the street to the store for her grandmother and she feels intimidated to pass because this many people are ‘hanging out’ then it becomes a problem…. I remember how I felt just walking down the street to the bus stop when I would see a group of males ‘hanging out’ even if they weren’t smoking or doing anything wrong. Some would just give that look like they could see through my clothes and some would make derogatory comments.” OK, but: Is that a crime?