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What you said about what we said last week

We’ve spent the last week eating up the overwhelmingly
positive reaction (“Perfect,” declared @tylrfishr; “actually helpful,” said @RuralicityDC) to our recent Food Issue, which recommended a restaurant or bar for every occasion. Yahoo News’ Meredith Shiner particularly loved the question, “Where do you go when you want to drink alone and live tweet the conversations of the idiots around you?”, tweeting, “<3 u @wcp.” Much of the praise should go to Food Editor Jessica Sidman, as well as Creative Director Jandos Rothstein and Online Developer Zach Rausnitz for their work to make both the print and web editions pleasing to the eye and user-friendly. Online, Rausnitz designed a tool that categorized recommendations (“I’m going with [blank], specifically my [blank]”), which @maeve_mcdermott called “game-changing.” @caddington11i tweeted, “obsessed with this format (date +
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ brings wonderful combinations).”

Double Trouble

Will Sommer’s two-for-one Loose Lips column addressed the unfair advantage certain councilmembers have when running for higher office and the continuing objections from the D.C. Council over higher-than-expected school renovation costs. “That random advantage for certain wards is absurd,” commented Spirit Equality of the seats at the mercy of the election cycle. “Surprised the disadvantaged councilmembers haven’t teamed up to vote that advantage away.” Of the school construction costs, DC Shady Boots said in the comments, “Sounds to me like the developers in these projects see this as a free-for-all spending spree without any legislative checks and balance. A budget really isn’t a budget. Just something to be overlooked until they have milked as much as they possibly can from the District coffers. Somebody has to pay for these projects. Kudos for Council members calling for an end of this practice of retroactive change orders.”

Hurt Pride

The Washington Blade devoted not one, but two columns to criticizing Arts Editor Christina Cauterucci’s Gay Issue piece “Swallow Your Pride,” which examined the commercialization of the LGBTQ event. We don’t want to spoil anything, but Mark Lee’s critique included sentences like, “Be forewarned, however, that Cauterucci’s obsession with radical sloganeering and extremist terminology may require the assistance of an open browser to define trendy terms like ‘cismen’ for the uninitiated.” We’ll let @mattyigreene respond: “.@WashBlade: ‘radical’ orgs like @glaad support the use of terms like cis. Not your writers?” Lee’s rebuttal, as well as one from Peter Rosenstein, are available here and here.

Department of Corrections

The Food Issue provided an incorrect address for Jimmy T’s Place. It is located at 501 E Capitol St. SE.