Self-proclaimed “anti-jihad” blogger Pamela Geller is taking Metro to court again. This time, she wants to force the transit agency to put drawings of Muhammad on the side of Metrobuses.

Geller’s 2012 lawsuit against the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority ended in victory for Geller. Since then, WMATA mostly accepted Geller’s ads. But after an attack on her American Freedom Defense Initiative group’s Muhammad drawing event in Texas, WMATA refused Geller’s request to place an ad with the Muslim prophet on 20 buses and in 5 stations. Instead, WMATA pre-empted Geller by refusing all “issue-oriented advertising,” a prohibition Geller says via email amounts to “capitulation to sharia law.”

“It’s an end run around the first amendment,” Geller writes.

Now Geller and her organization are suing WMATA again on First Amendment grounds to get their ads into the system. Metro spokesman Dan Stessel declined to comment.

Geller says it doesn’t matter whether the ads make the Metro system a terrorist target, since, in her telling, the entire Western world is already at risk.

“Abridging our freedoms so as not to offend savages is surrender and un-American,” Geller emails.

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Photo by Darrow Montgomery