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What you said about what we said last week

Chris Heller’s thoughtful checkup on the D.C. United stadium deal poised to turn this city into a soccer town (any day now, guys…) was bound to get readers’ knickers in a twist. And oh, what a twist they’re in! JC bristled at any comparison between District stadiums: “The Nats deal and United’s deal are completely different. The city owns every inch of land they are buying for United’s stadium.” OK, JC, let me stop you right there: They own the thing they are buying? Does any part of that raise a red flag to you? “The city loses nothing in United’s deal because the team is paying for the site construction.” Face, meet palm.

d_rez made a fair point: “The fact that these new stadiums seem to be positioned at the edge of existing development, rather than in the middle of nowhere indicate their ability to spur new clusters of development is entirely unproven. IMO at most, one can say they have a catalytic effect on certain types and characters of new development adjacent to existing development.” Oh wow, that’s some excellent use of italuendo. Or is that a scare-gestion?

Commenter Chris Otten, apparently the same Chris Otten who ran for mayor with the D.C. Statehood Green Party, pointed out that priorities look screwy, no matter how you slice it: “It’s amazing, the District is struggling with high levels of poverty, many of our children go to bed hungry every night, we have huge medical issues among our families, and the priority is to get soccer, at 10 games a year. WTF? Plus, while we see a deatiled analysis of the soccer stadium ripoff, which according to Ed Lazere became ‘less’ of a ripoff, why aren’t we doing the same with McMillan Park — 25 acres of open public land that is a national historic landmark that is being given away for a fraction of its value to corporate developers with high-ties to District beaucrats. Why doesn’t McMillan get the same scrutiny as the soccer stadium deal? … More scrutiny of the McMillan Park giveaway is needed now!” There’s a real story in there, but right now all I can think about is a trend piece on how “McMillan” has become the “Benghazi” dog-whistle of the District. Start sending us your angry letters now for an upcoming rebuttal.

And finally, prout hill stuck up for the cultural value of organized sports: RFK stadium “was built entirely with public funding (the National Park Service supplied the land, and the District built the stadium)… Perhaps they realized that the stadium would be a community asset, just like, say, the Kennedy Center or Wolf Trap (which happen to serve more upscale audiences than do stadiums, and which ‘subsidize’ many wealthy performers who appear at these venues).” When the name of a Kennedy Center performer is so racist this paper refuses to print it, let’s talk about RFK-KC parity.

Department of Corrections

The handout photo that accompanied last week’s story on the Chamber Dance Project was missing a credit. It was taken by Eduardo Patino.