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What you said about what we said last week

Anger, dismay, and disgust: The reactions to Jeffrey Anderson’s cover story on D.C. Public Schools’ food contractor were primarily of the horrified variety. Anderson’s piece detailed allegations against Chartwells laid out in Jeff Mills’ whistleblower lawsuit, including that the private company served subpar food to D.C. students in order to reap large rebates. Despite moves by Councilmember Mary Cheh, it appears Chartwells will once again handle food services during the next school year.

@evoque tweeted, “Food insecurity has direct impacts on childhood development, making this story all the more horrific.” “WOW, WOW, WOW I am disgusted and devastated who does this?” commented DC Parent. “Better yet who allows this to continue to happen to children. As a DC resident, parent and DC Government worker I would like to see some heads roll behind this. Kaya Henderson must go. Enough is enough. Get some asses out of the office now. No excuses a few people need to go behind this.” Meade said, “Thank you CP for bringing us the article. I really appreciate it. No one is doing much investigative journalism these days. What’s going on at DCPS is going on in many many other agencies, especially those involving DGS. So what are the repercussions for Henderson and Bowser? How can they get away with it? Is there anything for the average citizen to do?”

I read the whole article criticized the piece for not including information on Chartwells’ lobbyists, and J. Lee commented, “This article does a poor job explaining a cost-plus contract.” Former Washington Post reporter Ed Bruske pointed out that he wrote about Chartwells and processed food rebates on his site, the Slow Cook, several years ago: “No, the problem has been the local media, the mayor, the D.C. Council, repeatedly hitting the snooze button where school food fraud is concerned. Maybe it’s time for federal prosecutors to give a look.” We agree that there’s much more to this story, and Anderson plans to continue reporting on Chartwells for the paper.