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So no one told you life was gonna be this way when you moved to D.C.?

Apparently not. A handwritten poster that showed up at a Mount Pleasant bus stop this morning is asking people to make friends with its authors, “Jack and Katharine.” The pair write that they are “two young adults who just moved to DC. We know a few cool people in the city, but are worried that there are about 650,000 great folks that we’ll never meet.” (Oh, the urban tragedy!)

Kelly Paras, secretary for Digital District, a nonprofit devoted to promoting digital literacy, says she saw the poster at around 8:10 a.m. at the corner of Mount Pleasant and Lamont streets NW; it was hanging on the glass of the shelter for the 42 and 43 buses. Paras tweeted about it shortly thereafter, using the hashtag #lookingfornewfriends.

Jack and Katharine readily admit that they may not be everyone’s cup of tea, writing, “We have a lot of shortcomings.” So, they designed a Buzzfeed-like “Potential Friend Quiz” to separate the wheat from the chaff. Fortunately, it’s multiple-choice: It features questions like “Which of the following are you interested in?” (“South-East Asian History,” anyone?) and “How crazy should a friend be?” (I prefer my friends to fall somewhere between “Slightly crazy” and “Insane,” to be honest). The only open-ended question that appears is “What’s your favorite location in DC?”

City Desk reached out to Jack and Katharine at the email address they provided on their note, but we haven’t heard back. (Please become our friends?)

The full text of the poster follows below. We hope the authors aren’t stuck in second gear for too long.

Photo courtesy of Kelly Paras

“Dear DC,

We’re two young adults who just moved to DC. We know a few cool people in the city, but are worried that there are about 650,000 great folks that we’ll never meet.

That said, we might not be your kind of people. We have a lot of shortcomings. To see if maybe you’d want to hang out with us, and to make sure hanging out would be a good time for all parties involved, here are a few good questions for you to answer and then send back to us and then hopefully be excited when we email you back and tell you that you got all the answers right (like us-right*, not ‘right’ right).


1) Which of these do you want to do tonight?

New people, new bar, new music Walk/bike/drive in a direction, see what you find Cooking dinner + hanging out with the crew Film at Goethe Institut: Watch. Think. Learn.

2) How crazy should a friend be?

Not crazy Slightly crazy Define “crazy” Insane

3) Which of the following are you interested in? Check all that apply.

Hiking The Ocean Social Justice South-East Asian History Poetry The Great Filter Crossfit Very Personal Questions

4) What’s your favorite location in DC?

Please send your answers to

We’re excited to hear from you!

Jack and Katharine

*we evaluate holistically