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If The Hill’s annual 50 Most Beautiful list is any indication, the Beautiful People who live and work in Washington have some intense (some might say strange) eating and exercise habits. In more than half of the mini-profiles for 2015, which were released today, subjects including First Lady Michelle Obama and Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio as well as various congressional staffers and D.C. media types admit to predilections for chocolate and “bad Chinese food” and affinities for CrossFit, SoulCycle, and Zumba. Beautiful People: They’re just like us! (Except beautiful.)

Then again, it could just be that The Hill‘s writers are more obsessed with these topics than the people they profiled are. City Desk makes no claims regarding statistical significance here, but below are some gems from the 2015 list, organized in a few helpful categories. As City Paper once wrote about the (largely superficial) rankings, “We read the whole thing, so you didn’t have to!”

Chocolate/Candy Lovers:

  • “It’s a pretty heavy dessert-and-chocolate diet.” —Sarindee Wickramasuriya
  • “Citing Blue Bell’s Dutch chocolate, he quipped, ‘I’m an ice cream machine.’” —Chase Jennings
  • “Chocolate peanut butter cups, chocolate-covered pretzels, chocolate chips straight from the bag — he doesn’t discriminate.” —Alex Rosen
  • “The candy industry is so fun. Everybody is just so happy.” —Christopher ‘Gindy’ Gindelsperger

Comfort Food-ies:

  • “I have an ongoing fight with fast food.” —Shannon Bream
  • “Salad and Diet Coke — those are my lifelines.” —Majida Mourad
  • “I make [my lobster fettuccine alfredo] from scratch. I go down to the dock in Marblehead [and] buy a lobster.” —Seth Moulton
  • “She has a travel bucket list that includes ‘eating feta cheese’ in Santorini.” —Diana Oo
  • “I’m addicted to fried chicken. I have to have it three times a week.” —LeMia Jenkins
  • “I had a key lime pie yesterday — not the whole pie.” —Marco Rubio
  • “Neville, who admits an affinity for ‘bad Chinese food’…claims to be ‘the worst cook in America.’” —Jillian Neville

Stair-, Bike-, and Street-Masters:

  • “I still think just generally taking the stairs is one of the easiest things to add to your day to stay in shape.” —Martin Heinrich
  • “I walk [to work at the White House] every morning and I think, ‘I work here’— that’s amazing.” —Chris Jansing
  • “Even if you can [exercise] for a half an hour a day, you feel so much better.” —Kristin Strobel
  • “The SoulCycle fanatic is quick to offer his healthy skin tips, stressing cleaning, moisturizing, exfoliating and his absolute must: lathering on sunscreen.” —Carl Ray
  • “Finding fun and engaging workout classes is the key to success.” —Kori Schulman

CrossFitters and Adrenaline-Seekers:

  • “I do [CrossFit five times a week] to be healthy, but I also enjoy that hour a day of just relaxing. If I don’t do that, I don’t sleep as well.” — Jon Adams
  • “If I don’t exercise, I won’t feel good.” —Michelle Obama
  • “Bolden is eager to ‘just try it all,’ whether it’s bungee jumping…or jumping out of planes.” —Eric Bolden
  • “It’s embarrassing, but I go [to Zumba] three to four times a week, and I would go every day if I could.” —Marsha Brogdon

Image per Wikimedia Commons