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What you said about what we said last week

The wrath of the mob in response to last week’s Young & Hungry column on dining with allergies was swift, but it bent sharply away from justice. In fact, it went straight for brutality, like when Hero took to the comments section to advocate eugenics: “We’re doing a great disservice to future generations by not thinning the herd…” Or when Stephen Crout actually emailed the author directly to explore a tremendously douchey hypothetical: “If I owned a restaurant (which I wish I had done when much younger) I would refuse to serve this woman. She should eat at home or bring her own food to a dinner out.” steve doubled down: “yea, it’s called don’t go out to eat… for an issue impacting such a small segment of the population, don’t ask me to cave to your needs.”

Allyson came to the defense of the subject and others like her: “I guess I don’t understand why being polite to someone asking about ingredients is ‘caving’. How does that diminish the enjoyment of any other customers? How does that cost you money? I’m not talking about two versions of dishes, just not being a jerk. How is that really that hard? I’ve worked in restaurants, and it always seemed pretty easy to me to smile and say ‘let me check on that.’”

Ibiza in the trap

The response to our cover story last week was generally of the OMG variety—who doesn’t love a page-turner about beat-downs, false imprisonments, and liquor fraud? But at least two readers complained that our house style is not to use the name of the local NFL team. Steve R wrote, “I thought this was going to be a good article, but stopped after the reference to ‘Washington Football Team Player’. City Paper is disappointing.” And then I stopped reading the comments.

Department of Corrections

Last week’s cover story mistakenly identified Marc Barnes as the owner of Fur nightclub. He owns the club Love. Additionally, due to a reporting error, last week’s One Track Mind column misstated a lyric by Matt McGhee. The correct line is “Alexis driving a Mercedes Benz, looking better than all of my previous lady friends.”