This morning, a group of adorable, disenfranchised residents of the District of Columbia gathered near the Capitol building to sing John Oliver‘s statehood song. Watch videos of the performance uploaded by The Hill is Home and the office of Ward 6 Councilmember Charles Allen at the bottom of this post, and check out the song’s original lyrics below.

Kids: Alabama and Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas California, Colorado Connecticut and more There are 50 states in total And we’ll sing their names with glee But there’s one place that gets shafted And it’s Washington, D.C.

Oliver: That’s right kids. Now be more specific about the problem.

Kids: All the rest of us can choose a path That we think is best But any choice that D.C. makes Is easily suppressed ‘Cause some asshole with a rider Who might live in Tennessee Can destroy a needle program For preventing HIV.

Oliver: It’s true. It’s horrifying but it’s true. What are some solutions?

Kids: Let them have gun laws! Let them have weed! Let them decide The things that they need And if you’re totally convinced That there should be just 50 states Well, then let’s all kick out Florida ‘Cause no one thinks they’re great Oh, yes, let’s all kick out Florida ‘Cause no one thinks they’re great

#singfreeordie for DC StatehoodDid you miss John Oliver’s fantastic segment on District statehood last week? Catch our own homegrown version, brought to you at the Capitol this morning by a distinctly Ward 6 cast. #singfreeordie

Posted by Charles Allen on Sunday, August 9, 2015

Thank you for turning out for the #DCStatehood Singalong!

Posted by The Hill is Home on Sunday, August 9, 2015

Photo by Sarah Anne Hughes