Car2Go, the Smart car-sharing service that empowers carless D.C. residents to be lazy, is expanding to Arlington next month.

The company announced in an email to users today that, beginning Sept. 19, Arlington residents will have access to 200 vehicles. But don’t get too excited yet. Car2Go notes:

“Due to local regulations, trips that begin in Arlington must end in Arlington, and trips that begin in Washington D.C. must end in Washington D.C. Members are welcome to drive from Washington D.C. to Arlington, but must ensure that their rental is ended within the same Home Area in which it began.”

In a tweet to former City Paper writer and Car2Go devotee Aaron Wiener, the company says that it will “continue to work towards” allowing D.C. residents to end a trip in Virginia and Virginia residents to end a trip in D.C. Only then can the healing begin.

Map courtesy Car2Go