What you said about what we said last week

Loose Lips wrote about David Garber taking on Vincent Orange, but readers wrote to us wondering what life is like deep in the cushy pockets of Garber’s campaign machine. [Editor’s note: ¯\_(    )_/¯.] Whistleblower Marvin E. Adams said: “It’s A-L-L about OPTICS! It appears that Sommer and, by extension, the WCP is promoting Mr. Garber. If not, why the color photo of Garber at the lead of the story, while Orange’s picture is embedded in the story and in black and white?” Sometimes a picture is really just a picture, and if we wanted to really sell our souls to plug some politicos, we’d make it way more obvious.

Perennial favorite rage-monster noodlez waded in, screaming: “HERE WE GO AGAIN WITH WILLY EARL’S BIASED ELECTION REPORTING. TWO WRITE UPS SUBMITTED ON THE SAME BLOKE IN A WEEK. EACH ARTICLE LEANING IN CLOSER AS IF HE IS TRYING TO CATCH A WHIFF OF GARBER’S MANFUME. WHILE AT THE SAME TIME CONTINUING WITH GARBER’S THEME TO DISPATCH OL’ HOGG HEAD AS SOME CORRUPT POLITICIAN IN ORDER TO SCORE POLITICAL POINTS WITH THOSE DONORS WHO ARE WILLING TO FUND HIS CHARADE.” In Willy Earl’s defense, it’s his job as the Loose Lips columnist to whiff all the manfumes (or ladyfumes) as they announce their runs for office. He also has to take some pretty unfortunate whiffs when pols start to say their shit don’t stink.

Then there was an odd racial charge, courtesy of Brett M, who also boldly editorialized the at-large candidate as a “drifter”: “Well we know white politicians in this town get special treatment by the media, so it comes as no surprise that this relatively unknown drifter, who’s just looking for his next gig, is getting lots of attention from WCP.” BlkGayMan also takes it to a weird place, accomplishing little: “as a gay black male, I will not vote for a white privilege hipster male. He and other white gay males in D.C. and across the United States don’t understand what it’s really like being a black man in the gay world…. My question, how many gay black and lesbian friends do he have and has he dated a black man or Afro Caribbean?” Thank you for the reminder that we here at City Paper should really get off our asses and start asking the tough questions.

And finally, REALDC made it clear he or she will simply not be voting for Garber, and will instead be keeping it greasy. “Another new progressive with a beard and a skinny suit…..no thanks!! We will keep ‘Greasy’!!… We need REAL leadership, not ‘microwaved, app leadership.’” Until next week: Keep it greasy, folks, and keep it away from microwaves.