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What you said about what we said last week

Before we can discuss the reaction to last week’s cover story on Hirshhorn leader Melissa Chiu, whose New York connections have raised eyebrows in D.C., City Paper needs to apologize. From Editor Steve Cavendish: “In the print edition of [last] week’s Washington City Paper, we made a mistake. In the cover lines to Kriston Capps’ quite excellent profile of new Hirshhorn chief Melissa Chiu, we called her ‘Mary Chiu’ instead. For those of you unfamiliar with how print publications are put together, it takes a village of editors to pull off a mistake like this, and our village has been appropriately chastened. We apologize for the error.”

To err is human, to comment about something other than our mistake, divine. The President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities called the piece “fascinating” in a tweet. (Thanks, Obama!) Hedgehog wrote in the comments section, “Thanks for the article. I feel a lot better informed, having gotten a pretty one-dimensional view of her and her actions from other news sources. It made me really interested to see where things will go in the next couple of years.”

While Capps made the case that “Chiu could be a strong friend to the District and its artists and viewers,” richard wang had words of caution: “Enjoy Melissa in D.C.. We were happy to see here out of the contemporary Asian art scene here in NYC. Her behavior was for the most part hauty and self-serving. She had her ‘friends’. Together they excluded many talented Asian artists an opportunity to show their work in order to promote only a few ‘insiders’.”

washingtonian was similarly unimpressed: “what a puff piece! … kriston, it doesn’t make a difference whether other museums have fundraisers in other cities, or who was on the invite list. its an outrageous and unacceptable decision. no fully engaged board would ever allow it. chiu is using her time at the hirshhorn as a stepping stone to advance the careers and line the pockets of jianetti and others in her coterie – all at taxpayer and district expense. fuck koons, kapoor, and abramovic. if they can’t come to dc, we don’t want them. more importantly, we don’t want chiu. please go back to wherever you have ‘residence’ and don’t take up tables at rose’s luxury.”

Do your art

Last week, City Paper also released its 2015 Fall Arts & Entertainment Guide, featuring dozens of music, theater, museum, and book events happening until year’s end. Picks for this weekend include the Jesus and Mary Chain, “Renée Stout: Wild World,” and the “Close Up” film series. If you can’t find a copy in print, check it out at washingtoncitypaper.com/go/fallarts2015.

Department of Corrections

Last week’s Young & Hungry column misspelled the name of the forthcoming pop-up Kalye.