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What you said about what we said last week

Plenty of chit-chat went down in response to Will Sommer’s cover column—a look into Mayor Muriel Bowser’s push for yet another taxpayer-funded sports venue in the District. We’ve got some detractors: S.E. pointed out that our teams are too rotten to build anything for: “How about we wait until a Sports Team wins a CHAMPIONSHIP before rewarding them with a new Arena/Stadium.” Some of our teams can’t figure out how to prevent their players from choking each other out in the dugout, so this is a long row to hoe, S.E. But fair point!

Those in favor of the project, like SayWhat, took a “field of dreams” approach: “How about you haters STHU and wait and see how many jobs and economic development it brings to ward 8”. And of course, there are those who think sports investment is a huge waste of money, period. FD wrote, “Bowser please stop the corporate welfare. Bowser has thrown crumbs and rhetoric at job and homeless programs so she can look good but childhood poverty is rampant and truly affordable housing is almost non-existent. Shame on her. Next thing we know Congress Height will have luxury housing and a Whole Foods. That is not real economic development. How much money do we keep giving away to millionaires and billionaires and last Wednesday Kaya Henderson says the schools need to stay open so kids because that is the only meals some kids get?”

In response to a different comment lamenting the same spending priorities, empty_pant_suit wondered what the hell feeding the hungry and homeless ever did for anyone lately: “There is a also ‘so much money’ for hunger and homelessness in the district.” Yeah, piled on MacFly1. “Baltimore has LOTS of money for homeless, section 8. Does that help people get jobs? Answer: no.” They don’t call it Charm City for nothing.

Department of Corrections

The entry in the 2015 Fall Arts & Entertainment Guide for “Celebrating Photography at the National Gallery of Art: Recent Gifts” incorrectly stated that the National Gallery of Art is part of the Smithsonian Institution.