What you said about what we said last week

When abortion is the topic at hand, as it was in last week’s cover on D.C.’s under-construction Planned Parenthood facility, you can expect a nuanced conversation devoid of ad hominem attacks—if you live in an alternate universe where civility is still cool.

Masters N. Johnson focused on the Rev. Patrick Mahoney, the man behind the campaign to find a way to keep the facility from opening: “I hope they put in an abortion mill next to his house and/or office, to make him move. And then, if he moves to any other place in DC, let them move the abortion mill next to his new place. And do that either until he leaves DC or until his head explodes. Win-win.”

Mahoney also had his fans, including Kimberly Wedel: “History will look back on Mahony as one of our nations greatest civil rights heroes. With the country steadily moving onto the pro-life side (more than 50% of the population considers themselves pro-life) years from now people will look back in horror at the atrocity of abortion. Just as we look back at slavery. Future generations will be appalled to know that this barbarity was once legal. To the pro-abortion people just know that history will call you monsters.”

Wedel was also curious to know why it took more than 20 hours for a certain moderator, who may or may not have been drinking to forget, to approve a comment left on a Friday night: “Are you silencing opposition? If you are so secure in your beliefs why not allow opposing views?” The only thing this writer believes in, Ms. Wedel, is the right to a weekend away from Internet comments.

Department of Corrections

Last week’s cover incorrectly stated that Kathleen Burke has lived in the D.C. neighborhood where a Planned Parenthood facility is opening for all 36 years of her life. She has lived in D.C. for her entire life and the neighborhood for 8 combined years.