Around 5:30 a.m. Sunday morning—after most goblins and ghouls had headed home from their Halloween festivities—a large vehicle ran over a Metrobus shelter outside 650 Massachusetts Ave. NW, which houses Blackboard, an education technology company.

The driver didn’t strike any undead, but the vehicle did reduce the shelter to rubble and launched a verdant hydrant into a glass pane to the left of Blackboard’s door. A witness who was in the area at the time (who asked not to be named) says he saw a white semi-truck pull out from the wreck and drive southbound along 7th Street NW. By the time this witness had approached the scene, the semi and two cars that had parked in the middle of the street to see what was happening had already left, he says. Images of the aftermath were posted on Reddit.

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police Department confirms that the agency received two vehicular-incident reports early Sunday morning: one at M Street and Delaware Avenue SW and a second on the 600 block of Massachusetts Avenue NW; they were related, but she couldn’t disclose more.

“I thought it was a bolt of lightning,” the witness who was near the bus-shelter incident tells City Desk. “Nobody was hurt. If I had to make an educated guess, [the driver] was coming west from K Street, and tried to turn right on 7th Street but came way too fast.”

The hydrant, the witness notes, didn’t explode into a fountain of water like one sees in the movies. After he’d returned to the area Monday, he noticed that a worker was cleaning up the demolished shelter around 11 a.m.; a hole at the center of where the hydrant once was remained. “I’m glad I decided to stay in on Halloween night and not go out biking,” the witness says.

The shelter the semi-driver wrecked serviced Metrobuses 70 and 74. City Desk reached out to the District Department of Transportation to see if the shelter will be replaced.

Photos courtesy of anonymous witness