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What you said about what we said last week

We have a quick update for readers on what’s been going on with Fig & Olive since our cover story last week about its salmonella outbreak in D.C. The restaurant chain is claiming any injuries or damages were “due to the acts or omissions of a third party over which this defendant had no control,” though it falls short of naming the third party. Most readers were appalled by what Jessica Sidman revealed in her deep dive into the outbreak. yup yup wrote, “Even if I bought the argument ‘this could happen anywhere’ (which I don’t – visible mold for 30 days?!?), Fig & Olive’s emphatic denial is what bothers me most. They have multiple sources with extensive proof they willfully ignored public safety. What makes them think we’ll forget all that for a free piece of panna cotta? PS: Be sure to hold the truffle oil!” I’m with you, yup yup. I wouldn’t go there for anything less than two free panna cottas.

Brief point of order for commenter But Um, who was confused by Sidman’s note in the story that “It’s hard to say whether all these diners are very forgiving or merely ignorant of the salmonella outbreak” and wrote, “so why did you and your husband choose to eat there? Was it research for the article? I’m not an F&O apologist; it’s not even on my radar of places to eat. Just wondering why in the world anyone would eat there less than 2 months after the outbreak.” Actually because it’s her job to write about it, and she takes these sorts of risks in the name of journalism.

And perhaps most shockingly of all among reader responses was Tori b—a real, live undeterred Fig & Olive fans. “I eat out every night… I actually went there last Thursday — figured ‘why not.’” [Ed. note: Salmonella, which is a fecal pathogen, can actually kill you, if you’re looking to start a list of “why not” reasons. Translation: fatal traces of poop.] “Seemed like a lot of people were from out of town or the suburbs here dining for a treat. That and the usual f&o bar crowd, of course. For the first time, service was actually decent. After dining at the bar probably 10 plus times, they didn’t ask for a credit card to start a tab for me (the awkward, lone dinner!).” As of press time we were unable to determine how Tori b was feeling and whether she was still a fan of this restaurant.