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Remember Real Housewives of D.C.? I don’t. But the DMV region is getting a second chance with the Bravo franchise this January.

The network today released a trailer for Real Housewives of Potomac, set in the Maryland suburb just past Bethesda that the network describes as the state’s “best kept secret.” Fact-check: This simply can’t be true. Washington football team owner Daniel Snyder lives there in a $10 million mansion he bought from Jordan’s Queen Noor; the Marriott (yes, the hotel) brothers Richard and Bill Jr. live nearby. In fact (if Wikipedia is to be believed), a lot of famous people have come from or have inhabited Potomac.

I digress. The trailer for the show promises plenty of drama in true Bravo fashion. “Here in Potomac, new money’s good, but old money is so much better,” says castmember Karen Huger. (From her online bio: “With her oldest out of the house and her youngest about to leave the home, Karen must face becoming an empty nester, and there’s no telling how this will impact her relationship with her husband.”) There’s also Ashley Darby, who was named Miss District of Columbia in 2011. (Her husband, Michael, is the co-founder of Monument Realty.) If viewers are really lucky, there will be some heated dinner parties where tables get flipped, à la RHW New Jersey.

What’s certain to appear, though, are jokes many D.C. residents may find in poor taste, if not downright reprehensible. From the trailer:

Drag Queen: “Where is everybody from tonight?”

Real Housewives: “Potomac!”

Drag Queen: “Because you look like you’re from D.C., Southeast.”

Keep that up and the season may meet the same fate as its predecessor.

Trailer via Bravo