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What you said about what we said last week

In response to Will Sommer’s cover column on FreshPAC’s demise, readers took the opportunity to rail against the District’s political system and the corruption, if the prevailing sentiment is to be believed, endemic to it. REALDC in particular was not convinced that an end to FreshPAC means an end to fishy fundraising. “Make no mistake about it, ‘brokeAzz’ lazy DC politicians will always be susceptible to Freshy PACs, Shadow Campaigns, etc. That is the problem when you elect these career politicians with no real work experience and having NOT done anything of significance in their careers.” Sound like a Brandon Todd jab to anyone? “The current Ward 4 council member is such a joke that people voted for him even though his only work experience was holding Bowser’s purse for 7 years.” Yep, there it is. REALDC pointed out that something else will inevitably take FreshPAC’s place: “But don’t get it twisted, its just gone away formally, now the underground game will take over…..because the Mayor Bowser can be BOUGHT!!” Truth weighed in: “RealDC for Mayor!” Does this mean REALDC is getting his/her own PAC soon? Watch our comments section closely for any fundraising calls.

Lucky Strike

If our readers took just one thing away from Jessica Sidman’s Young & Hungry column from last week, it’s that even the most unorthodox local food offerings will find their fans. Lucky 888 beer has a new drinker in Dave B, who wrote in the comments, “This is awesome. I wish this ambitious gentleman all the best. Given that good beer isn’t hard to make and that there isn’t that much difference among the god knows how many IPAs there are out there (they are all pretty good), I will gladly buy this beer when I see it.” If good beer isn’t that hard to make, as this reader claims, we’re assuming it’s just a matter of time before Dave B makes his own contribution to the local brew scene. Stay tuned.