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What you said about what we said last week

The District Sentinel’s Sam Knight paid City Paper Arts Editor Matt Cohen the highest compliment in a comment on last week’s cover story on D.C. punk band The Max Levine Ensemble. “Jesus I feel like I’m about to get high in the woods before physics class,” he tweeted. “this @wcp story on the max levine ensemble is takin me back.”

The good feelings continued on the D.C. subreddit. Yling reminisced: “I remember the first time I saw TMLE at St. Stephen’s in Columbia Heights. They were my first introduction to the DC music scene. Certainly, their music is not for everyone, but they genuinely seemed like nice guys and this article seems to confirm that.” Pancakeseh offered a suggestion for newbies: “These guys are the best. Super smart guys who are in it for the people and the music. Check em out if you haven’t yet, Ok smartypants is a good album to get their ‘gist’.” Even comments that weren’t completely complimentary ended on a positive note. “the sound grew on me, still not my favorites, but they’re so much fun live i don’t actually care,” trashpile wrote.

Gumburcules’ Reddit comment began innocently enough—“Wow, of all the high school punk bands I used to go see in, well, high school, the Max Levine Ensemble was one of the last I would have expected to last this long. Good on them though. Someone’s gotta keep punk in DC alive”—before it turned into a surprisingly heartwarming allegation: “Also I am pretty sure [bass player] Ben Epstein’s brother used to threaten to beat me up in elementary school, but he never got around to it. I don’t think his heart was really into bullying.”

Department of Corrections

Last week’s City Lights pick for Saturday featured an incorrect spelling of musician Suz Slezak’s name. In addition, Swings’ first album, Detergent Hymns, was inadvertently called Divergent Hymns in a Discography column.