What you said about what we said last week

’Tis the season for every publication to release a gift guide so you can empty your wallet in the name of holiday cheer. City Paper prides itself on promoting local stores and local makers so our readers know their dollars are taking the most direct route back into D.C.’s economy. This year’s guide by Buy D.C. columnist Kaarin Vembar featured 72 gift ideas, from books to jewelry to sky diving lessons, that can be purchased at businesses across the city, from the 14th Street corridor to Anacostia. The online version features a map of our suggested stores so you can plot out your shopping.

Death to fresh

In last week’s Loose Lips column, Will Sommer reported that Bowser’s 2014 mayoral campaign accepted nearly $15,000 worth of contributions that exceeded legal limits. (A campaign spox replied, “To the best of our knowledge all contributions (and, where necessary, refunds) were handled totally properly and in full compliance with the law.”) The piece was especially timely considering the demise of the controversial Bowser-affiliated FreshPAC… or was it? “So if it is unlikely that the contributions didn’t have an affect on the election, why even write the story,” commented Say What. “It appears that there is a lot of misogyny going on here.” Jack Brent replied, “It is not misogynistic to point out that Mayor Fresh Stank is a duplicitous politician.” (justsayin appreciated Brent’s nickname for the mayor: “Lmao@ “fresh stank.” That is so accurate, because she represents more of the same stench that she claims to oppose from previous administrations.”) Small Beer took a balanced view: “They need to give the money back, but the contributions were reported, and it appears to be a common mistake. But DC standards, it’s no big deal. But keep on it, for all campaigns, because ‘pay to play’ will never completely go away in DC.”

Department of Corrections

Last week’s review of Janis: Little Girl Blue was improperly accompanied by an image of Janis Joplin by Barry Feinstein.

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