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Chris Miller, an advisory neighborhood commissioner in Ward 6, says he found a sign taped to his home today declaring he “supports baby killing.”

Miller is a member of ANC 6C, an area of Northeast that will soon be home to D.C.’s new Planned Parenthood facility. The center, currently under construction, is located not in the single-member district Miller represents (6C05) but in Tony Goodman‘s (6C06). As Goodman explained in an October City Paper story, because of the “type of building permits Planned Parenthood applied for,” the project “did not require a vote from the ANC, or for the ANC to ask the public to weigh in on the project.” People opposed to the project spoke at the ANC’s Sept. 10 meeting.

In October, Goodman expressed concern about the protestors at the site, which is adjacent to a school.

ANC 6C06 Commissioner Tony Goodman, who is also a Two Rivers parent, says many people in the neighborhood are nervous about the new clinic. Though some oppose abortion, he says, his sense is that the neighborhood is worried about the circus of protesters that the center will bring.

“I’m not thrilled about walking past, between my house and the school, [the Planned Parenthood] every day,” Goodman says. “But it’s not because what is going on inside the building. It’s because I don’t want to walk past protesters every day.”

In early December, Two Rivers filed suit against five individuals it claims are harassing its students with gruesome images.

In a tweet, Miller says he wore a “I Stand with Planned Parenthood” shirt at an ANC meeting, and that people opposed to the project were in attendance. A photo of Miller in the shirt is featured on the poster. He explains via Twitter direct message that he is not sure who put the poster on his home, but that they appeared to be college students.

“They were sitting on the sidewalk in front of my house,” he says via DM. “I thought it was a coincidence until they greeted me by name.”