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What you said about what we said last week

Ah, the annual tradition of gazing back on what happened over the past year and confidently awarding it a thumbs up or thumbs down. What is it they say about hindsight? Even our readers aren’t immune to the hubris retrospect lends. To whit, in the category of food and drink: Fluxgirl, with what we imagine is a Nelson-from-The-Simpsons point-and-laugh, wrote “Whoever came up with the Diner en Blanc was pretty clever! Suckers!” Thanks eyerolled that “Milkbar is indeed so freaking overhyped. Or my maybe my taste buds have changed from when I was 10.” Ha! Take that, David Chang! The sting will quickly subside if you dab your tears with fistfuls of million dollar bills. Jordan Hepner helpfully pointed out that poke has, in at least one instance, made it to the District already. “Restaurant Nora in Dupont Circle currently serves delicious poke! I highly recommend it.” And Grace publicly admited to still having a boner for speakeasies, despite it being 2016 already: “Just Bc you think speakeasys are overrated or outdated doesn’t give you permission to be condescending to other businesses.” But surely our favorite comment was this outraged reader leaping to the defense of Fig & Olive, the bacteria-bedeviled chain caught red-handed freezing its dishes in Long Island. JAS took to the comments section to froth. “Jessica – Your article bashing the Fig and Olive just shows how ignorant and ill informed you are […] If I had to bash the journalist of the year, it would certainly be you and the Hungries for not knowing what you are talking about! If you don’t have something nice and truthful to say – please keep your mouth shut! This restaurant went thru a lot this year getting started and is considered one of the great places to dine in DC. Go pick on someone else your own size!” This is why we rail against the passive construction (“is considered”): who, beyond embattled, embittered JAS, can honestly consider Fig & Olive a legitimate place to eat in a city bursting with incredible, exciting local food options? Start naming names, and we’ll give them an award for courage. And probably ask Washingtonian for the number of a good gastroenterologist.

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