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What you said about what we said last week

In response to Jessica Sidman’s report on the recently enacted foam food container ban, there were some unexpected tattletales, like Jason c who snitched that “Carolina Kitchen using foam.” Sadly, City Paper does not currently maintain a Styrofoam SWAT team, but we are considering taking it up as a side gig. jason pointed out that, like the coursing artery of the Anacostia River, foam might be sullying your precious bodily fluids, as well. “Its not just a pollution thing, Styrofoam is poison to your health.” Is it as bad for you as gluten, though?

And in response to Loose Lips’ column on Kathy Patterson, D.C.’s new auditor, yet more wild theories circulated in the comments section. MikeInDc blew a conspiracy wide the hell open by sharing a photo of Mayor Muriel Bowser apparently fraternizing with Patterson. “Remember when the independent city auditor was at the football game with MB in a suite? How can you trust what she’s saying/doing?” Rob piled on: “Less government regulation and oversight means opening the city’s coffers to private entities who specialize in milking taxpayers under the guise of promoting free market competition. There was at least some accountability and oversight (elected school board) prior to the mayoral takeover of the public schools. But then again, this was just part of the grand design of things…read into it what you want.” But the aptly-named commenter Peace managed to look on the bright side. “It’s one of those articles that make me think…’Ooh child, things will get brighter…’. DC needs people like DC Auditor Patterson. Yay!” Wait… is that sarcasm? (For the record, Patterson emails to say she wasn’t at FedEx: “Yes, that blonde with glasses atop her head does look like me, but it isn’t!  This independent auditor has never been in a local-NFL-team suite with the mayor or anyone else!”)

Editor’s note: In an excerpt from 9:30: A Time and a Place published in last week’s issue, The Slickee Boys’ Mark Noone recalls 9:30 Club booking Minor Threat and Trouble Funk on the same bill at the club. As City Paper contributor Steve Kiviat noted, that show did not occur at the 9:30 Club, but at Lansburgh Cultural Center in downtown D.C.

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