Impending D.C. snowstorms begin with a few classic symptoms: a drop in temperature, wraparound lines at Trader Joe’s, and a palpable sense of doom.

All this is captured in the YouTube video “Hitler Learns that OPM Won’t Close the Government.” Thirty-year-old federal worker and D.C. native Andrew Huber created the video on a lunch break. It’s a riff on a meme that used to circulate on Reddit, and the original clip is in German from the 2004 movie Downfall.

“I didn’t even realize how big a deal it had become until I saw one of my friends sharing it on Facebook, and she had no idea I had made it,” he says.

And luckily, Huber isn’t at work today. He says he’s sitting inside with his fridge full of beer, shelf of chips, and four pounds of pork shoulder braising in the oven. The only time he plans to venture out is to help shovel for elderly neighbors or people with disabilities. 

“I’m definitely not doing the snowball fight,” he said.